Private Tours

Let us host a VIP experience for you. We know all the best places to enjoy great food and drinks in the city from upscale restaurants, one-of-a-kind eateries, gourmet food shops to local breweries and wine bars. We know event planning can be stressful. Let us take the worry away by planning an upcoming private tour or event in a way that will be enjoyable for everyone who attends – and headache free for you!

Some of our recent clients include:



You can choose from any of our featured food tours or let us know your interests and we’ll help plan a special itinerary just for you. All our featured tours also include a variety of additional add-ons and options to suit any particular tastes or requirements.

Jimmy's Coffee

Corporate Tour in Kensington Market


Dinner Crawl on Dundas West & Ossington








Want to get started? Here are a few questions we’ll ask you when you book a private tour or event

Booking and payment information

For more information or to book your private tour or event, please contact us and we would be glad to assist you.

We look forward to hosting a delicious and memorable experience for you!

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